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Arboricultural Method Statement
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Implement controls to safeguard trees during construction processes

Where proposed developments or site activities might have an adverse impact on retained trees, an Arboricultural Method Statement may be essential in order to implement controls to safeguard those trees during the construction process.

There are many site activities that could impact on trees, for example lifting or laying of hard surfaces close to trees, demolition near trees installing services near trees, general building near trees and even landscaping near trees.

Certain information for inclusion within the Arboricultural Method Statement will be fairly straightforward, however when it comes to detailing the actual site activities that will need to be carried out before, during and after key site phases, you do not want to leave anything to chance.

An Arboricultural method statement is a document that describes how construction works can be carried out close to trees. It includes details on how the works will be managed and how the trees will be protected during construction.

It is often a requirement for planning permission.

An arboricultural method statement includes:

  • Schedule of tree works including what protection measures are to be implemented and what stage of construction they should be performed
  • Tree protection zones
  • Post construction landscaping
  • Tree planting (including relocation of existing trees and planting of new trees)
  • Post construction tree care plan

A Tree Constraints Plan and Tree Protection Plan will accompany an Arboricultural Method Statement.

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