Arboriculture Impact Assessments

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Arboriculture Impact Assessment
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Detail the effects a development proposal may have on existing trees

An Arboriculture impact assessment is designed to detail the effects a development proposal may have on existing trees, as well as the impact the trees with have on the development.

This may be required as part of a planning application. This type of assessment is accompanied by a Tree Constraints Plan and Tree Protection Plan.

An arboriculture impact assessment is carried out pre-construction and contains an evaluation of the situation on site. It includes an assessment of tree quality, categorised according to British Standard BS5837:2012 (2005).

Arbeco's arboricultural impact assessments include the following:

  • Tree survey results
  • Recommendations for health and safety tree works
  • Suggested tree retention plan based on the proposed site plans
  • Measures to be implemented during construction including tree protection
  • Recommendations for planting to mitigate/compensate for any trees lost during construction
  • Recommendations for post-construction tree management to maximise the health and safety of retained/planted trees.

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