Tree Constraint Plans

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Tree Constraint Plans
Tree Constraint Plans © Arbeco Ltd.

Maximise the available space within a development

A tree constraint plans is a tool that can be used to help maximise the available space within a development, whilst taking into account the constraints caused by trees.

Constraints include the current and ultimate height and spread of the tree, shading, overhead and underground services and species characteristics, including evergreen or deciduous, density of foliage, and factors such as susceptibility to sap, branch drop, fruit fall etc.

A tree constraint plan is a clear and accurate plan which is drawn using AutoCAD and plotted directly onto a topographical site survey.

It contains the positions and dimensions of all trees on a site. The dimensions include the crown spread, measured at the four cardinal compass points, which creates an accurate representation of their shape.

Trees are categorised by quality according to BS5837:2012 (2005).

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