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Integration of biodiversity into the built environment is an essential part of sustainable design. Developments are often expected to have benefits to biodiversity, in order to gain planning permission. Where space is limited, both in urban and rural developments, buildings themselves can be designed to deliver cost-effective gains for biodiversity.

We work on a wide range of development types from residential, commercial to industrial. Our services include:

BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes Ecology Assessments

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) and the Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) are industry quality standards that are used to assess the environmental performance of new and existing buildings.

Green and Brown Roof Ecological design advice

We provide conceptual and detailed ecological design advice for green and brown roofs. This includes planning advice and biodiversity and habitat assessments.

Green roofs have a large range of social, economic and environmental benefits and can have a positive effect upon biodiversity, flooding and declining green space in urban areas.

Brown roofs share many of the same benefits of green roofs but, in addition, provide a habitat for specific species and maximise the biodiversity of the species living on the rooftop.

Green Bridge design advice

For large scale developments, such as motorways, roads and railways, we can provide detailed ecological design advice for green bridges. Green bridges supply a wildlife crossing to wild animals, enabling them to cross busy transport roofs safely.

Bat mitigation

If bats are found to be present on site, we can offer advice on mitigation for the species, using building specific bat bricks, and speciality bat boxes for listed buildings.

Designing sustainable drainage systems for biodiversity

We offer advice on the ecological design of sustainable drainage systems as part of environmental impact assessments.

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