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A baseline habitat survey, known as a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA) or Phase 1 Habitat Survey, is the basic starting point for most ecological assessments of new sites.

PEA incorporates survey techniques for both broad habitat types and protected species. It is the typical approach to mapping the extent and distribution of habitats as well as assessing the likelihood of protected species being present.

A standard habitat classification system is used, with each habitat type being mapped according to a standard colour and mapping code. ‘Target notes’ provide additional information on the habitats present and any notable features or species.

This type of survey provides a map of the habitats present on a site and offers information on:

  • which species are present, or potentially present;
  • the potential impacts of the development on a particular species; and
  • the legal and planning policy issues that may need to be addressed.

Arbeco’s Phase 1 Habitat maps are presented in Geographic Information System (GIS} format which allows us to use a colour palette that is true to the standard habitat classification system and helps us to generate accurate habitat area calculations.

Phase 1 Habitat Surveys should normally be completed between April and October, see our Ecology Survey Calendar.

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