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Badger Sett Closure
Badger Sett Closure © Arbeco Ltd.

System of underground tunnels and chambers

When developments cannot avoid the destruction or closure of badger setts, it is possible to create artificial setts under licence from the relevant body.

Badger setts can be closed using a one way badger gate which are fitting to the sett entrances, allowing the badgers out of the sett but not back in again.

Artificial setts should be built to contain all the elements that would be included in a natural sett built by the badgers themselves:

  • A network of underground tunnels, nesting chambers, spoil heaps and entrance holes.
  • The sett size and number of chambers will vary depending on the badger population and habitat requirement on site.
  • One of the entrance holes must be located in a raised position to promote air circulation inside the sett.
  • Nesting chambers should not be in direct view of any entrance holes and they should have more than one tunnel exit into the rest of the sett.
  • Artificial setts are normally situated on natural badger foraging paths, if this is not possible, the sett may need to be baited to encourage badgers.

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