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Arbeco has the capacity and knowledge to provide practical solutions to compensate for loss of habitat caused by development and buildings works. Working with our ecology team we carry out all habitat works compliant with legislation and environmental policies.

Our habitat restoration, habitat creation and habitat translocation projects have included: installing bird and bat boxes; designing bee and butterfly banks; building hibernacula and log piles for newts and reptiles; pond creation for amphibians; designing and creating artificial badger setts and otter holts, installing wildlife overpasses. We also undertake habitat creation in conjunction with large scale tree and shrub planting.

Where a site needs to be cleared for development works in an ecologically sensitive manner, we undertake tree felling, vegetation clearance and destructive searches in conjunction with our in house ecology team to provide our clients with a complete professional solution for their scheme.

Arbeco can also supply and install pitfall traps and wildlife exclusion and containment fencing for translocation projects.

Arbeco has the capacity to advise our clients on invasive plants in ecologically sensitive areas. We advise on the most appropriate approach to dealing with the problem on a case by case basis. We have experience of dealing with Japanese knotweed, giant hogweed, Himalayan balsam, common ragwort, rhododendron and a number of aquatic plants.

Habitat Creation

Habitat Services