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Creating deadwood piles provides invertebrates opportunities
Creating deadwood piles provides invertebrates opportunities © Arbeco Ltd.

Create habitats suitable for inverbrates

Excluding the White Clawed Crayfish Austropotomobius pallipes, one invertebrate (Large Blue Butterfly Phengaris arion) is currently protected under European legislation and 146 invertebrates under UK legislation (excluding those protected against sale only). Approximately 423 invertebrate species are Priority on the UK Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP).

Invertebrates depend on wide variety of habitat types including terrestrial and freshwater with some species relying on land and water depending on life-stage.

Arbeco Ltd has extensive experience of creating habitat suitable for inverbrates including:

  • Tree, woodland, scrub and hedgerow planting and grassland seeding
  • Habitat translocation e.g. grassland, orchard, heathland
  • Wetland and heathland creation and restoration
  • Micro-climate creation e.g. sandy banks, wet scrapes, dead wood piles

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