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Soft Felling
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Felling Trees whilst protecting wildlife

Arbeco work closely with our in-house ecology team to ensure that best practice is adhered to at all times.

If a tree has been identified as having a felling requirement, then our qualified and licenced bat ecologist will undertake aerial climbing inspections to ascertain any risk.

Trees identified as bat roosts will not be felled until the appropriate consents have been obtained from Natural England and will be felled in a bat sympathetic manor.

If a tree has features such as woodpeckers holes, cracks, splits, cavities and rot holes, then the tree will be ‘soft-felled’.

This procedure is always carried out in suitable weather conditions at an appropriate time of year and involves removing the top branches first and working down the tree removing it in sections.

Any sections of the tree identified as having bat roost potential will be lowered carefully using ropes to ground level. Each section will be laid on the ground with holes and cracks facing upward for as long as possible (at least 24 hours under suitable weather conditions is preferable); this gives any bats a chance to vacate the tree. Cutting through cavities will be avoided.

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