Wildlife Fencing And Exclusion

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Wildlife Fencing And Exclusion
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For translocation, habitat manipulation and hibernacula creation

Fencing can be installed in its own right or as part of an overall mitigation strategy for reptiles such as translocation, habitat manipulation and hibernacula creation.

Arbeco are able to develop the strategy that best meets the timing constraints of a project, as well as the ecological needs of the species present. It is important that great crested newt and reptile fencing is installed sensitively to avoid impacts upon amphibian and reptile species.

The installation of newt or reptile fencing is often a mitigation requirement on development sites that contain protected species.

Working under a licence from the relevant body, Arbeco is able to supply and install fencing to exclude newts and reptiles from areas and prevent them returning, using temporary, semi-permanent or permanent fencing.

Where fencing is only required for a short period of time e.g. during construction, Arbeco is able to install a variety of temporary fencing, semi-permanent fencing is used for a period of around one year or more and permanent fencing is in place for five years or more.

Arbeco will provide information to help you chose the most appropriate and reliable fencing products to use.

We have experience of installing and maintaining:

  • Newt Fencing – temporary newt fencing, semi-permanent newt fencing and permanent newt fencing
  • Reptile Fencing
  • Badger Fencing
  • Water Vole Fencing
  • Otter Fencing
  • Deer Fencing
  • Stock Fencing
  • Pitfall Traps, Carpet Tiles

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